Our Solution

At Circular Materials we have developed and patented a technology to treat wastewaters to precipitate heavy metals.  

Quantitatively, with no production of sludge.  

And we recover 98% of the dissolved metals.  To be fully circular.

The solution is perfectly aligned with the Circular Economy logic: it allows a full recovery of contaminating metals and convert them to secondary raw materials.

It is characterized by remarkable levels of Environmental Sustainability as:

  • it requires only water and electrical energy as inputs
  • it doesn’t produce sludges
  • the treated waters contain very low concentrations of heavy metals

Do you want to know more about our technology?

Book your spot for a free testing of your process waters. We will guide you through the process of selecting the best way to integrate our technology withing your production cycle, to allow you to recover the maximum amount of metal and the maximum volume of water.